NEW! IBM San Volume Controller, IBM Storwize V7000, V5000, V3500, V3700 V7.5.0.0 Now Generally Available

I’m pleased to announce that is now available to download

SAN Volume Controller V7.5.0.0

IBM Storwize V7000 V7.5.0.0

IBM Storwize V5000 V7.5.0.0

IBM Storwize V3700 V7.5.0.0

IBM Storwize V3500 V7.5.0.0


IBM Storwize V3700, V5000 & V7000

There are a few different platforms available under the Storwize branding, each have their own specific feature set. IBM have listed a nice comparison page which compares the functionality/hardware/options between the different platforms.

IBM comparison page

IBM SVC Warm-Swap Node Redbook

The IBM SAN Volume Controller is a fantastic storage solution to virtualize storage arrays from different vendors, offer performance improvements, replication, compression, encryption and a huge interoperability support matrix.

However, one of the annoyances of IBM SAN Volume Controller architecture is if a single node has a hardware error, or requires maintenance you’re limited to a single node in the IO group.

This issue has now been alleviated by introducing the option of a hot-swap node for when a node is offline for an extended period.

A IBM Redbook has been published here which describes the process.

This function is to be extended in future releases of SVC code to allow an automated hot-swap node during a code upgrade. Historically in a 2-node SVC cluster, you’d be left with a single node in the IO group would would be vulnerable to a single point of failure for prolonged periods of time. With this hot-swap node feature, the spare node would be upgraded first, before replacing a down-level node as it goes offline for upgrade. This should significantly improve reliability of the SVC cluster during the upgrade process.